In the electronic component market, buyers often find significant price differences for the same material among different suppliers. Why does this phenomenon occur? One important factor is the existence of a large number of merchants in the market who substitute inferior products for good ones. These merchants often sell products that are not brand new or original, but refurbished, counterfeit, or even inferior.

The counterfeit and inferior products in the market have had a significant impact on prices. Some unscrupulous merchants purchase discarded or second-hand electronic components for simple refurbishment and then sell them at a low price. The performance and lifespan of these products often cannot be compared to brand new original products, but due to their low prices, they have attracted some price sensitive buyers. This behavior not only disrupts market order, but also brings huge quality risks to terminal products that use these components. Below, we will use a video to showcase some details of the refurbished product

Our company has been engaged in the sales of electronic components since 2017 and is a member of ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International). ERAI is an international organization focused on integrity and anti fraud in the electronic component supply chain. Members must pass strict qualification audits to ensure the reliable quality of the products they provide. As a member of ERAI, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality electronic components, ensuring that every product is brand new and original. Through strict quality testing, we help customers reduce supply chain risks and improve product quality. Choosing us means choosing quality and trust.